Are you using the promotions tab in LinkedIn groups for networking?

In a lot of the groups I am in I see discussions regarding new people joining the group or are new to the Chicago area and they are looking for networking events. They are looking for opportunities to network with business people, others in their profession, and some are job seekers looking to connect with target people and companies.

In all groups there are five tabs at the top of the group page.

They Are: 1) Discussions 2) Promotions 3) Job 4) members 5) Search

Most people in the groups are aware of the discussions and members tabs and some may even have used the job and search tab (you can now advance search groups but that’s another post) But few people if any look at the promotions tab. Most group member must think it’s just advertising for businesses.

WRONG!! I looked at this groups promotions tab, yes, I did find advertisers, but I also found many networking groups, meetups, open houses, workshops, presentations, and speaking engagements.

The networking events were at churches, small businesses, large businesses, Toastmasters, government functions, men’s clubs, women’s clubs, and just plain old regular networking groups. If you are networking for business or networking for a new job start using the promotions tab, you’ll be surprised at what you find there.

So don’t be afraid to check the promotions tab in all the groups you are in or join. As a matter of fact if you are new to the area you may want to join several LinkedIn groups to give yourself a little variety in your networking. Now go out a meet a few new people and expand your horizons and business.

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