Three Keys for Your LinkedIn Headline to STANDOUT!

Most of the LinkedIn profile Headlines I see on LinkedIn today are LinkedIn default headlines. What is the LinkedIn default headline? The default setting is your last job title and the company you worked for.

Example: Marketing Manager at ABC Company. Sounds terribly exciting doesn’t it. I just did a search on LinkedIn for “Marketing Manager” and the results were 1,329,169 results for “Marketing Manager”. Yes, I used the quotes because I wanted that exact phrase. Just a little competition.

So being a Marketing Manager, that’s OK, but it’s JUST OK. You need to breathe some life into your headline in order to stand out on LinkedIn. You are competing with almost 300 million profiles. Your headline does not have to be your job. You are not your job. Even if you are in job search your headline should showcase who you are. It should be your ideal target position and what you do, not just a job title.

The three keys are 1) what you do (KEYWORD), 2) who you help (KEYWORD), and 3) how you help them solve their problem (KEYWORD). Before you start to redesign your headline put yourself in the hiring manager’s place. As the hiring manager ask yourself “Why should I care about your profile, WHAT can you do for me? Your headline should demonstrate that you can add value to the hiring managers company.

The first key for a successful headline is to have your position as keyword in the headline. When people search for what you do, your ideal job title is the Keyword they use to find you, Marketing Manager, It Manager, or Sales Manager.

The second key is who do you help? Set up your headline to laser focus on your ideal person or company. Target or focus your keywords on the companies you would like to work for. Strategically pick those keywords you that you believe the hiring manager is searching for.

The third key is how do you help people. What pain point are you able to solve that no one else can? What problem does that company have. Are you able to cut costs or increase revenue. Are you able to motivate salespeople?

Here is an example of a Headline that captures all three keys:

Experienced Bilingual B2B Sales Professional | Helping French and American Companies expand their International Presence

Plenty of keywords that LinkedIn’s search algorithms can easily find, focusing on your target, and solving a problem. And, it all fits within the 120 spaces LinkedIn allows for the headline.

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