3 reasons to use the New LinkedIn “Pulse”!

It used to be called “Today” now LinkedIn has renamed it and incorporated it into the Home page of your profile. It’s the news and insights you need to know. It includes “Your News”, Influencer Posts, All Influencers, All Channels, and All Publishers.

Let’s start with All Influencers, these are professionals from a variety of industries speaking about industry insights and career advice.

Influencers are the specific industry professionals you have chosen or selected to receive news and insights from.

All Channels, you have 35 channels to stay on top of topics and news sources that interest you. These are articles that you have selected from various industries and professions that you would like to read about.

All Publishers are actual news sources for you to stay connected with the latest news and analysis such as the Wall Street Journal, Time, CNBC, and Forbes. There are currently 39 news publishers to choose from.

“Your News”, when you put it all together what you get is “Your News” which is specifically designed and curated by you from the various Influencers, channels, and Publishers.

The first reason to use “Pulse” would be stay informed of the happenings in your industry.

The second reason to use “Pulse” would be to stay top of mind with your connections and network

The third reason to use “Pulse” would be to share the information from your news in your groups and become the go to person in your industry.

So spend some time choosing your news, your Influencers, your channels and your publishers so you ARE the Subject Matter Expert (SME) that everyone want to connect with.

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