Search Your Contacts on LinkedIn by name.

When LinkedIn’s contacts or CRM (Connection Resource Management) first came out my biggest disappointment was the inability to quickly sort my connections by last name. Well LinkedIn finally fixed it.

Now you have several ways to sort your connections. You can sort by recent conversation, last name, first name (who sorts by first name), and new contacts.

The first step is to start on your profile or home page at the tool bar at the top of the page. Hover over “Network” and a drop down will appear. Scroll down to contacts and click on contacts.

There are two sort filters on the left hand side of the page with a drop down arrow. Start with the filter on the left: Sort by RECENT CONVERSATION. Hover over the drop down arrow and select last name.

Notice when you select last name a new drop down will appear that lists the letters of the alphabet.

This will create a list alphabetically of all people under one letter.

One default when you are searching through contacts when you search by initial the search defaults to ALL CONTACTS not just connections.

One of the choices is newest connections. With the newest connections you can go through them and now tag them as to how you know them. Besides the tagging you can put notes in about likes or specialties of that connection.

Happy connecting!!

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