SIX New Ways You CANNOT hide your LinkedIn Activity Feed!

It used to be if you changed your photo, your job, or you joined a group LinkedIn would broadcast an update to your connections which you could not block. Now there are more activities that LinkedIn will not block notifications in your activity feed.

Although you can set your privacy settings to limit most of the notifications that go out and who can see those notifications, please be aware that notifications for the following will be posted/sent regardless of your notification settings:

1) Adding or changing your profile photo.

2) This is optional depending upon your personal privacy settings: Connecting with other LinkedIn members. Note: You can turn the notification off when you make a new connection by hiding your connection list.

3) Sharing content.

4) Following a company.

5) Upgrading your account to premium. Note exception: (this doesn’t apply to Job Seeker subscriptions).

6) Following an Influencer, Channel, or Publisher.

7) When you “Like” shared content.

8) This is optional depending on your personal privacy settings: Group Activity – You now have the option to turn this off within your Group settings, if you don’t, an activity will post. Learn more about preventing updates when you join a group.

9) Notices of anniversaries of your work experiences.

So, be careful with your updates. Do you want them for everyone to see, or are you doing maintenance or updating your profile info, and making a lot of changes. If you are making a lot of changes you may want to turn the activity feed OFF. Just un-check the box and most of your activity will be turned off. If you don’t, all of your connections will get an update about every single update you made, and you don’t want to SPAM your connections.

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