LinkedIn and Anonymously Who’s viewed Your Profile.

Why would you want to be anonymous when you view other people’s profiles on LinkedIn?

1) You are a recruiter searching for talent. You don’t want the talent to know you are viewing their profile for several reasons. The profile you are viewings doesn’t match all your qualifications. You don’t want the person bugging you for information about the position and who the company is.

2) You are in sales and you need a little business intelligence about a company or person(s) in the company. You need contact information because you want to be prepared for your meeting with the business executive.

3) You are just curious about other people or their profiles.

4) You are in job search. If you are in job search use the “Account and settings link, scroll down to review. On your profile settings is the option for Select what others see when you have viewed their profile. The last selection is “Totally Anonymous”

Used for business intelligence.

Why do you want to be anonymous. Be like a ninja to view a hiring manager or recruiters profile to learn more about them. Where they went to school, look into LinkedIn’s Alumni section, check their summary to see what they are about view their accomplishments. View the groups they are in and if possible join the groups to learn more about the recruiter.

Try a guerrilla strategy and if it is a hiring manager view their recommendations, find out what they value in people they work with or they are managers of. Also view the recommendations they receive to find out what kind of manager or boss they are to work f

Use a keyword search on LinkedIn to find out about your keywords. Where do you rank. Check out the profiles of others with your keywords (ANONYMOUSLY) view their profile. This will show you what keywords they use and where they have them on their profile. So what you want to do is add the keywords to your profile in the exact same sections on your profile.

Just a few reasons to be visible or anonymous, take your pick you can always go back and become visible when you want to be.

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