How to Advance Search Your LinkedIn Groups Members.

Join groups, join a lot of groups, and join groups with a lot of members. I tell everyone to join 45 groups when I do LinkedIn training for sales people. They look at me like I’m crazy because they they don’t want to deal with all the email. The reason I say all the emails is because when you are in a group they send you emails for ALL for every one of their conversations.

On a side note, if you check your privacy settings you can make adjustments to emails you receive from groups,. You can receive weekly, daily, or no emails at all.

To start your search go to “advanced” Search.

When the advanced search page comes up you have on the top right side a listing of all of the groups you belong to. Normally this filter with the little yellow LinkedIn logo is for premium accounts. But in this instance when searching for groups it is for the free LinkedIn accounts as well.

You start by selecting the LinkedIn group you would like to advance search. Next you can now choose any of the advanced search filters: first name, last name, keywords, title, company, school, location, country, and postal code.

Two additional filters are available when you select job tittle and company. When you select either one of these filters a drop down appears that you can select current or past position or company.

Now you can search those groups with ten of thousands members and find that diamond in the rough that job, that sales manager, or that hiring manager.

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