How to find Keywords for LinkedIn Skills and Expertise.

Now that LinkedIn has removed the definitions and related skills from the LinkedIn profile what are you supposed to do. One of my connections showed me how to find related keywords using Google.

The first step is to use Google, Google Drive (Formerly Google Docs), and Google Chrome.

Step 1) Using Google go to the Google apps and select Google Drive.

Step 2) On left hand side of the page there is a red box that says create, select “Create”

Step 3) From the drop down select the green excel “spreadsheet”

Step 5) In the top two cells of the spreadsheet type in two keywords
I typed in Marketing and Twitter

Step 6) Highlight both cells and a SQUARE box in the lower right cell will appear.

Step 7) Click on the square box, hold down your mouse and at the same time select the “CONTROL” key

Step 8) Drag the box down 8 or 10 different cells and let go

Voila, you now have a list of additional keywords courtesy of Google!!

Now go ahead and select and add skills & expertise to your LinkedIn profile.

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