How do you Find Contact info for your LinkedIn connections.

For your first degree connections the easiest way to find contact information is to go to their profile page. Now here is the hard part, where on the page do you find the contact info?

Once you find the little gray rolodex card in the bottom right corner of your headline section you click on the rolodex card and your contact information section expands to reveal:

your phone number
your email address
your Twitter ID
your website
your blog
your YouTube page

This ONLY pertains to your first degree connections, because only your first degree contacts have availability to your phone number and email address because you have opted them in for that information.

If they are second degree connections looking at your LinkedIn profile page they will ONLY see your Twitter address and any websites you have listed for you contact information.

If a third degree connection or a group member that you are in a group with tries to view your profile they will not see any of your contact information because LinkedIn has restricted this visibility.

The best thing to do is connect with as many people as you can, and you will have access and contact information to a whole world of people.

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