Do you know what the 5 Must Haves for the Perfect LinkedIn Headline are?

The first thing to know about your LinkedIn headline is that it doesn’t have to be the same as your current job title, that is a LinkedIn’s default mechanism. Don’t be a default and brand yourself as a commodity. Demonstrate your uniqueness.

First Impressions: you ONLY have one chance to make a great first impression, your headline is like a marketing statement. You need to have a compelling headline to draw people into your profile. It is a chance to showcase your unique value position (UVP). Here is an example: “B2B sales professional at XYZ company”, or “Experienced Bilingual B2B Sales Professional Helping French and American Companies expand their International Presence”.

Your headline is the most important piece of real estate on your LinkedIn profile. It is the most heavily weighted keyword search section of your profile. It is great for SEO. Use keywords that you want to be found for in your headline.

1) Use Strategic KEYWORDS! And place them with expertise

2) Succinctly showcase your VALUE proposition

3) How you SOLVE their problem

4) Be SPECIFiC, claim your niche, what you do

5) Speak DIRECTLY to your audience Be creative

There are 25 reasons to have a unique headline, twenty-three of them are all the updates, groups you join, comments you make, endorsements you give & receive show up on your connections home page.

Number 24 is one of the most important reasons for your headline to be unique, people that are in your network but those beyond your 2nd level connections can not see your full name and profile, so it’s very important to be strategic about the unique cvalue of your LinkedIn headline.

Your 3rd degree connections and fellow group members can only see your first name and last initial. Everyone beyond that can only see the words “LinkedIn Member.” Those out of your network and everyone else can only see your full headline. So make your headline unique.

Reason number 25 is when people keyword search for you on Google, your whole headline shows up in the search results.

These are three of my favorite connections that show you how they are unique and made full use of their headline…..

“Quite possibly the only person on LinkedIn who isn’t a results-oriented team player with excellent interpersonal skills” – Management consultant.

“I use every tool in the public relations toolbox to make our clients the heroes in their own stories” – Public relations expert.

“Internet Marketing Expert | Looking For New Business Partnerships That Need Help With Marketing… Lets Connect!” – Marketing expert.

Take advantage of your headline, tell them with keywords what you do, who you help, and how you help them!

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