Have you seen the new “Who has Viewed Your Updates on LinkedIn?”

LinkedIn just introduced this feature in June to all LinkedIn users. According to LinkedIn it’s a more personalized LinkedIn homepage. Yes, it is on your homepage not your profile page. It provides an overview of what you have shared with others on LinkedIn.

The “Who’s Viewed Your Updates?” will give you information of your most current update. The info graphic will show how many of your first, second, and third degree connections have viewed, liked, and shared your information with their network.

At the top right corner of the info graphic are two arrows and a number/number which is the compilation of your updates over the last two weeks plus totals of likes and shares.

Now you have  feedback on how the content you read and share resonates within your network, giving you more opportunities to build your unique value position and make connections with new professionals that share common interests.

So keep on sharing. If you liked this post share it with your connections and those you think may need it.