Are You Using LinkedIn’s new Mentions Update feature?

The Mentions feature began rolling out in April of this year. Using the Mentions feature is a way to get connections to view and contribute to your updates and comments. Companies can also be mentioned and will be linked to their LinkedIn Company Page from your update or comment. Mentions allow you to notify your connections or a company that you’re talking about them in an update or comment.

So what are the steps to including a mention in your update.

Step 1) Is to go to the update box on your homepage

Step 2) Start typing your note and use the (@) sign, and a name drop down will appear with a list of contacts or companies you can choose from

Step 3) Click a name you want from the list and then finish typing your message

One side note: LinkedIn members outside your network can also be mentioned if they’ve commented on the same update.

I started using mentions last week. I used one mention in an update this past week that drew a lot of attention.
Here are the results of that mention

Why do you want to use mentions? According to LinkedIn the connection mentioned is immediately notified by email that you mentioned them in your update. It is a great way to engage with your connections. The update may be shared with the network of the person being mentioned. I believe its a great way to generate interactions with your community.

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