How and Why to Hide Groups on You LinkedIn Profile?

If you are in job search, “In Transition” or seeking a new position you may not want to show certain groups on your LinkedIn profile.

If you are in job search or “In Transition”, this is the politically correct terminology, recruiters are
looking for people that are currently working not necessarily for the unemployed. If you are currently
working but do not want your present company to know you are looking for a better job is another reason to hide job search groups on your profile.

Job search groups are those that help the unemployed and underemployed with job search skills. Sometimes
they are connected with outplacement companies and others are connected with employment agencies.
Either way if you are job searching you may not want recruiters, hiring managers, head hunters or sourcers to know that you are out of work and in these groups.

So how do you join a group and hide their logo on your profile? You can change the visibility of the group logo on your profile when you edit your profile.

Move your cursor over Profile at the top of the homepage and select Edit Profile.
Scroll down to the Groups box in your profile and click the Edit icon.
If you belong to more than six groups, the list will be abbreviated. Click the “See…more” link to expand the box and see all groups.

Click the visibility link under the group. The link will either say Visible or Hidden. This will take you to the Visibility Settings section of the group’s Settings page.
Check or uncheck the box next to “Display the group logo on your profile”.
Click Save Changes.
Note: Members from your group will still be able to see the logo in your profile.

You can also edit your public profile to prevent your groups from showing on your public profile.

Check or uncheck the box next to Groups under the Additional Information section on the right side of the page.

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