Did you Personalize Your LinkedIn Public Profile URL?

Your URL on your LinkedIn profile page should be customized

to just your name. Why, because when people search for you

on the internet hey will go to Google and search for your name.

When you sign up for a LinkedIn profile you are given a generic

public profile URL.

The public profile URL includes your name which will be hyphenated and ten numbers and characters after

it. In a search on Google will only show your LinkedIn profile if you include all of the numbers. What

are the odds of someone remembering all of those numbers.

Your first step to customize your URL is go to the tool bar at the top your profile page and hover over

profile and select the edit drop drown when it appears. Next step will be to select the “edit” link next

to your profile URL. This will take you to your public profile information page. On the right hand side

two thirds of the way down is the link “Customize your public profile URL”.

Click on the link and it will take you to a pop up where you can then customize your LinkedIn URL to

just your name. In the blank box type in your name without spaces and all lower case spelling.

Then click on the blue “set Custom URL”.

If someone else on LinkedIn has already chosen the name you will have to add a middle initial and/or

a number to the end of your name. LinkedIn will also give you some hints as to the availability of names

that haven’t been used. Names similar, Such as “smithjosepha or jassmith1 will help you change the URL.

I also found out if you leave the public URL and you try to put that on a business card it may not fit

the space allotted for that URL.

Good luck with your URL customization! If you liked this post please share it with others.