Are You Managing Your LinkedIn Account Security Settings?

This is one of the 35 privacy and settings features on

your LinkedIn profile that no one knows about. So how do

you find it and where is it on your profile?

Settings is located at the drop down by your LinkedIn Avatar (picture). The drop down includes a list

of seven items for account and settings. One of which is “Privacy and Settings” for review. Click on the

review and it will take you to your settings page. Scroll down the left hand side to ACCOUNT. In the middle

column at the bottom of the list is “Manage Security Settings”

Your security settings list is secure a connection. Check the box.

Click on MORE and Here is why from LinkedIn it is necessary:

What is HTTPS?
HTTPS is a widely used web browser protocol that allows you to look at LinkedIn securely. The encrypted channel keeps data exchange confidential and allows you to securely identify the website. Most sites use HTTPS when taking payments or login credentials. LinkedIn automatically uses a secure connection when you sign in, use Recruiter, advertising tools, enter a payment flow, or change your settings. You now have the option to browse all of over HTTPS.

If you regularly access LinkedIn using WiFi hotspots at libraries, cafes, airports, we recommend that you turn on your HTTPS security settings.

Note: Third-party applications and some content may not be available when you turn this setting option on.

The second part of the security setting is “Two Step Verification for Sign-in” which means

Turning this feature on will sign you out anywhere you’re currently signed in. LinkedIn then require you to enter a verification code the first time you sign in with a new device or LinkedIn mobile application.

So the next time you are having coffee at Panaera Bread with a connection make sure your LinkedIn

profile is secure! You may want to leave it on full time if you use WIFI anywhere.