Do you Know How to Manage LinkedIn “Contacts” Tags?

LinkedIn has a new profile look, and at the toolbar at the

top of you LinkedIn profile is a tab for network. Hover your

mouse over the word “Network” and a drop down appears. You

will have three selections from which to choose.

1. Contacts

2. Add Connections

3. Find Alumni

Select the contact drop down. A listing of all your connections will appear. There is a small box at the

top of the page that says “Select All”, check the box. To the right of the box will appear a list of

tags or if you are just beginning will be two choices + “Add tags” or * “Manage Tags”. Select Add tags.

Capture TAGS

Type in the title of the new tag you would like and then hit save.

That’s it, you can now categorize all of youe connections with whichever designation or designations you

would like. Have fun tagging!!