How You Should Edit The New LinkedIn Profile Headline?

More importantly is WHY you should edit your LinkedIn headline.

There are twenty five reasons to make changes to your profile.

Number one, should be to incorporate keywords into this section

of LinkedIn. The reason for keywords here is that the headline is

the most heavily weighted area for search.

The headline is the first impression that other LinkedIn members see when they view your profile. Does

your headline tell others what you do? Does your headline tell others who you help? Does your headline

tell others how you can solve their problems? More importantly does your headline emphasize your “UVP”

(Unique Value Position)?

The LinkedIn headline is the most important piece of real estate on your profile. It is the ONLY totally

customizable section that you can personalize on your LinkedIn profile!

Reasons two through twenty four are all the actions you perform on LinkedIn. Actions such as joining a

group, endorsing someone’s skills or expertise, commenting on an article, adding connections, or sharing

an article with your LinkedIn connections.

The last, and maybe the most important reason is that when someone searches for your name on Google your

whole LinkedIn headline show up in the search results. If your profile if optimized like your headline

your LinkedIn profile will show up on page one.