Have you been updated to the new LinkedIn’s Contacts? Part II linkedin-logo2

Here are some other features about the new LinkedIn contacts.

On the left hand side of the page the list continues with titles

This is a list of your connections by their title: Ceo, owner,

consultant, President, account executive and so on. So if you need

to search for a consultant it will bring up a list of all your

connections that are consultants.

The next item on the list is locations which shows on a map where all of your LinkedIn connections are located world

wide. Click on the location and it will bring up a list of contacts, select one of your contacts and their profile

will pop up and you can send them a message.

The next item on your list will be sources, once you click on sources you will see where your LinkedIn connections

came from. Whether it was from Gmail, Outlook, Google, or your contacts list.

next will be potential merges. What this is, is a list of All the people with the same names from your contact list

Gmail or Outlook account, LinkedIn, that may be duplicates that you would want to merge into one profile.

And, finally, the last item is “hidden”. This is a list of peopleCapture Contacts new list

you are connected to via emails but not connected

to on LinkedIn. One email from the list would be “donotreply”

or maybe someone you know that is a family member or someone

that is not on LinkedIn.

part II new features, to be continued….