Have you been updated to the new LinkedIn’s Contacts?

Start with your profile page and go to the tool bar at the top.

Select contacts and your connections will show up. At the top

of the page will show up

“Start your day by staying in touch with your contacts” this will

be a list of people you are connected to who have changed jobs,

and connections who are celebrating birthdays that day. This

gives you an opportunity to interact with your connection and stay Top of Mind.

Capture Contacts new

So you can add contacts from your Gmail account Google Contacts and Calendar, you can also do the same with Outlook,

and Yahoo email connections. You can also sync your iPhone, Carmunch, Evernote and Tripit applications.

On the left hand side of the page your options are: Tags, which allows you to tag each connection by your own listing

system. Either networking, groups, friends, or whichever designation you prefer.

The second listing is companies which is a listing of the companies that you have a contacts at. The companies are

listed in numerical order by the number of contacts you have at that company.

Part I more features, to be continued……..