Do You Know how to Use LinkedIn Today’s new “Channels”?

I was doing a LinkedIn presentation today when I found out

I had the new LinkedIn Today “Channels”. Unfortunately

I wasn’t able to show the participants how to use the new


I had to find out all the new features so here is what I found out.

1) There are twenty one channels to choose from to receive your news – Business travel to Job Search.

2) There is Your news which allows you to select which news source you get your news from – NY Times, Business Week, INC. ETC.

3) It has posts from the Influencer’s you are following

4) You are able to comment on any article

5) You are able to like the article

6) The best part is you are able to SHARE articles that you think are news worthy

7) When you share the article you also have three choices to share with Capture LinkedIn Today

(A) Everyone on LinkedIn in your updates

(B) All 50 Groups that you are in

(C) Individuals that you are connected to on LinkedIn, or any combination of the three

So make use of “Channels” to enhance your SME Subject Matter Expertise and educate your connections, they will

appreciate you for that!