Have You Ever Started a Group Discussion on LinkedIn?

When you use the groups feature of LinkedIn you’re posting your

content within a group is broadcast for other group members to see.

The higher your post quality, if you are relevant, and if you are helpful

to the group it will provide you the opportunity to become an authority

in your area of expertise. Authority will not come overnight, so you will

need to be patient and consistent to reach that goal.

To start a discussion go to the discussion tab at the top of the page. Then a discussion box will appear next to your

profile picture. Then begin typing your discussion. The title box will appear in gold and will allow you to write

a headline that includes 200 word limit. Below that is an add more details box which allows you to add several

hundred more characters. Below that box is a paper clip where you can attach a link.

So if you find an informational article in your expertise you can share it with the group. Go to the URL box at the

the top of page and copy the URL. Then go to your groups page and attach the link by clicking on the paper clip,

and paste the URL into the add a link box. That’s it. You have just shared your article and have started demonstrting

your expertise.

If you have a Twitter account you can check the box next to the blue Twitter bird and you can leverage two social

medias at one time.