Are you using all of LinkedIn’s settings features? Do you know

about all of the settings? There are four different sections

of settings. Those sections are 1)Profile

Privacy Controls

Turn on/off your activity broadcasts
Select who can see your activity feed
Select what others see when you’ve viewed their profile
Select who can see your connections
Change your profile photo & visibility »
Show/hide “Viewers of this profile also viewed” box

Manage your Twitter settings
Helpful Links

Edit your name, location & industry »
Edit your profile »
Edit your public profile »
Manage your recommendations »


Emails and Notifications

Set the frequency of emails
Set push notification settings
Member Communications

Select the types of messages you’re willing to receive
Select who can send you invitations
LinkedIn Communications

Turn on/off invitations to participate in research
Turn on/off partner InMail

3) Groups, Companies, and Applications


Select your group display order »
View your groups »
Set the frequency of group digest emails
Turn on/off group invitations
Turn on/off notifications when joining groups

View companies you’re following »

View your applications »
Add applications »
Privacy Controls

Turn on/off data sharing with 3rd party applications
Manage settings for LinkedIn plugins on third-party sites

4) Account

Privacy Controls

Manage Advertising Preferences

Change your profile photo & visibility »
Show/hide profile photos of other members
Customize the updates you see on your home page
Select your language
Manage security settings
Email & Password

Add & change email addresses
Change password
Helpful Links

Upgrade your account »
Close your account »
Get LinkedIn content in an RSS feed »

Take the time to learn all of the secrets of your settings. There maybe settings you were unaware of and there are

settings that you may want to change. Spend an hour and get the settings the way YOU prefer.

Have fun, get it set up correctly and feel comfortable with your choices.