Are You Using LinkedIn’s “LinkedIn Today” News features?

On your LinkedIn home page is a link to “LinkedIn Today.”

Your first step to find out all about this feature is to hover

your mouse over the words “LinkedIn Today” and click on the link.

This will open up the “LinkedIn Today” home page which has the news of the day recommended to you by LinkedIn. But what

if you don’t like the news feed about food, social media, or fashion. What other options do you have. Well, if you

search the page you will notice in the top right corner three icons. The icons are two page outlines and a gear which

enables you to customize your news feed.

Click on the gear and you will be redirected to a second page which will allow you to customize your news feed by

selecting from 41 different industries. The industries range from accounting to venture capitol. You can choose

whichever and how many industries you want to follow. All of them if you want. But if you want to target what your

connections would be interested in or focus on your expertise its best to select three or four for the best results.

The next step is to scroll down the page to “Follow Sources” and click on the expand button. This opens up a whole

new world of news feeds directly form the sources. From “A” ABC News to “Z” for ZILLOW in real estate. Four hundred

eighty nine sources to choose from. Pick as many as you want you can always add more later.

The final step is to scroll to the bottom of the page and select your email settings. The Three options are: daily,

weekly, or no emails. No emails means you have to check in to your LinkedIn account daily to check up on the news.

If you log in daily anyway, it’s a no brainer. So pick your industry, pick your news source and pick how often

you want the news.