Are You Taking Advantage of The New Version of LinkedIn Recommendations?

LinkedIn made some enhancements to your recommendations. What is great

about is the changes is that they show the most recent recommendations

from your connections for each job position. These recommendations are

located directly below the job summary. So now it is extemely important to

have a couple of recommendations for all of your jobs as well as your

education listings.

Now when people are looking at your profile they scroll over the the person that recommended you there will be a

popup of a link to their LinkedIn profile. They will also have the ability to read the recommendation that your

connection provided to you. Now if you have more than the two featured recommendations for that position you have the

option to manage those recommendations. When you are in the edit mode on your profile you can hide one of the

recommendations. If you feel there is a stonger recommendation for that position in edit mode you can move the

recommendations with an Up/Down arrow in the top right corner of each recommendation.

The best way to get recommendations is to first give your connections a recommendation. LinkedIn then asks your

connection if they would like to reciprocate. I would suggest you DO NOT reciprocate at that time, it looks like if

you do me a favor, I’ll do you a favor, but wait a few weeks and then send a recommendation.

Or you could just send a request from your contacts directly. Either way you need to have recommendations showing

on your profile. Those recommendations can have searched keywords in the title which will help you rank for both

LinkedIn and Google SEO. Which will help you be found.