Did you Know LinkedIn Added More Features to Your Skills & Expertise’s?

First they started out with the skills and expertise section. Then LinkedIn

added the endorsements. But with the endorsements you could show them or you

could hide them. But, if you hid them you could not retrieve them to your

profile at a later date.

Then LinkedIn gave you the ability to manage your endorsements for skills and expertise. You could show them or hide

them, but you could also un-hide them. You then also had the ability to remove the endorsements but still show the

skill on your profile.

Now the new feature LinkedIn added is when your hover your mouse over one of the endorsers photos their

Profile picture, their experience and two new features. The first feature is a little grey camera icon and a number

to the right of the camera. If you hover your mouse and click on the grey camera it will take you to your

connections profile. The second new feature is the number which represents the number of shared connections you

have with your first connection.

So if one of your connections endorses you can click on their endorsement photo and go back to their profile to

return the favor.