Did You Know You Can Manage Your LinkedIn Skills & Expertise?

LinkedIn just opened it up for you to manage show or not to show

all of your skills and expertise. When the skills first came out

if you decided to hide an endorsement you could not un-hide it.

Now that has all changed.

You start by editing your profile/ Scroll down your profile to the skills and expertise section and click on the

little blue pencil. Next you have several choices. First is to hide or un-hide all of your endorsements. The skills

and expertise will still show on your profile but none of the endorsements. Second is you can add or remove any one

of your skills or expertise. Third manage endorsements. By manage endorsements you have the option show or hide one

particular person that endorsed you. You also have the choice to show or hide one particular skill.

I know some companies and certain banking and financial industries are not allowed to receive endorsements from

clients. So this solves that problem. If you find some skills are not gaining any traction with endorsements you can

then remove and add new skills that have more potential from your connections.

Somake sure to add all 50 skills and see what kind of endorsements you receive.