Are You Using Your NEW LinkedIn Profile and SlideShare?

First thing to do is set up a free SlideShare account toimages

compliment your LinkedIn profile.

Complete your SlideShare account by filling out a profile with

Picture and whatever personal information you want to be known.

Then the fun begins. Here are your options to use with SlideShare:

1) Documents
2) Presentations
3) Video
4) Images

If you do presentations or power points you can add those to SlideShare. Just go to your account and select “upload”.

Find the file on your computer, select it and upload it to your SlideShare account.

If you are in job search and you have a resume in word or as a PDF you can also upload this to SlideShare. Once you

have it in SlidShare, click on the resume which will create a URL which you can add to your LinkedIn profile.

How do you add this to your profile. Start by editing your profile click on the box+ and Add a link to a video,

image, document, presentation… will show up.In this case your resume. Next a box will show up that says share a

link. Go to your SlideShare account click on your resume and it will generate a URL. Copy the URL and Paste the URL

from SlidShare into the “Add a Link” box.

This will create an image to click on, a title and description area to fill out. Select save and your profile media

link will be complete. You can place the media link in the summary, experience or education sections of your

profile. You can add YouTube videos, power point presentation,or pictures of events you have attended to your profile

If you want to add (UVP) Unique Value Positioning to your profile so your profile is outstanding, add the media to

several places on your LinkedIn profile.

I’ve added 13 items of media to my profile, I’m not sure what the limit is yet. The reason LinkedIn did this is

because Google changed some of its search algorithms, they are now searching for URL traffic instead of tags,

keywords, and meta tags.

Good luck with your URL traffic.