Are you Using LinkedIn’s New Home Page Updates Share Drop Down?

I was doing a Intermediate LinkedIn Presentation at a local library

when it happened. I was going to show the workshop attendees how to

leverage two social medias. I went to my home page to post an update

about LinkedIn’s new profile and I went to SHARE and check the box by

the blue Twitter bird and it wasn’t there.

What popped up was the tool bar at the bottom of the update with a drop down menu. I now had 3 choices to select from

in the drop down.

1) The default setting with a check mark in front of LinkedIn + Twitter (BruceBixler49)

2) The second choice is share the update with everyone on LinkedIn

3) The third choice was to share with just you LinkedIn connections

So now you have your choice to send a message only to your connections. Great idea if you are hosting an event that

you want only your connections to know about. If you want to market your business you now have the choice to let

every on LinkedIn be aware of your products and services. And, your third choice as I was showing the class was

how to leverage two social medias and SHARE the information on both LinkedIn and Twitter.

Happy sharing to whoever you want to connect with!!