Have You Used LinkedIn’s New Search Your Connections Connections?

Yes, thats right, you are now able to search using advanced search for your connections

connections. If their contacts are viewable you can use advanced search

to find a contact.

If you are in sales this is great!! I repeat if you are in sales this is going to be essential.

If you are a recruiter this is terrific! If you are Sourcer it is fabulous. If you are in job

search it is the ultimate. Now you wont have to contact your connections and bother

them for a contact you can just go and search their connections. There is one caveat they have to make their connections viewable to

everyone.Capture Connection connections I

Here is how it works. You start on your profile page. Go to the search button at the

top and search for your name. Do not click on your name, hover over the blue link

at the bottom that says 500+ or whatever number of connections you have. Then a

pop up will appear “View all their connections”. Click on the number and all of their

connection will show up.
Capture Connections Connections II

Next step will be to search their connections. To do that you will have to go to the “More” tab at the top left of your search area.
Capture Connections Connections III

When you select more all of the advanced search filters will appear and then you can start looking through their connections.

Violla! you can narrow your search for that elusive purchasing director or that hard to get to hiring manager or the CFO of that

company you want to do business with.

I did a step by step video for this as well as the screen shots on YouTube. I hope this helps in your searching.