How Do You Use the New LinkedIn Profile? Starting on the top of your profile page,

that annoying pop up for endorsements. Click on them or ignore them, or select

only the one(s) that apply. Then is it thank you or reciprocate, or none of the above.capture-li-logo1

That is your choice.

At the bottom of your HEADLINE box is the contact information disguised as a Rolodex card.

Click on the card and all of your contact information appears.

Below the contact card is Activity, which used to be on the side of your profile. Now activity is prominently

displayed above the fold. Make sure your activity is up to date like weekly. You don’t want connections looking at

your profile and your update is a month old. Makes it look like you aren’t keeping up to speed.

So where did all the applications go like WordPress Blog, SlideShare, and

First SlideShare:images-slideshare

Any SlideShare content you’ve uploaded using the SlideShare Presentations application will be automatically migrated to the Summary section of your profile once you opt into the newly redesigned LinkedIn profile. If you were a user of this application, you should receive an invitation to opt into the new profile design shortly.

Second WordPress:

If you self-host your WordPress site, you can enable auto posting to LinkedIn through the Jetpack plugin from Automatic.

If your site is on, simply enable the Publicize setting for LinkedIn from your Dashboard.

And Box.net1300_logo1

Displaying and sharing a file from Box in your new LinkedIn profile is easy. In order to display a specific file, all you need to do is paste the file’s direct link in the LinkedIn professional gallery. Simply preview the file as you normally would in Box, select File Options – Share – Get Link to File and then click on Direct Link to generate the URL. Paste it directly in the LinkedIn professional gallery.

Repeat the same steps for other files you’d like to add to your profile. As always, you can customize the sharing and access security settings on Box for the content you add to your LinkedIn profile.

Visit the Box support site for more information and a full list of supported file types.

So have fun with the new profile and all of the new applications!