Are You Using a “UVP” in Your LinkedIn Profile Headline? Whats a “UVP”?

It is a Unique Value Position. I am not a brand, a brand is a commodity,

a staple, an inanimate object. I project value, a unique value that no

one else can emulate. Your unique value is what everyone comes to you for

because they know you have the answer. That’s what you want to be known for on LinkedIn.

Your headline should project that value, it should also be incorporated into your summary section. Your applications

should mirror your unique value position also, by the books you read in, and by the ppt.s and videos you

should be showcasing on SlideShare your profile.

Yes, I AM NOT A BRAND, leave that to other people. I have a “UVP” Unique Value Position that is a compilation of my

talents. Show off what you do, highlight your stories, optimize your LinkedIn profile. Tell people what you do, who

you help, and how you can solve their problems, that’s what will make you unique.