Are you Taking Advantage of the New LinkedIn Endorsements? Endorsements started

showing up on LinkedIn profiles a few weeks ago. Endorsements are for the skills

you have listed on your profile. When your connections view your

profile LinkedIn asks them if they can endorse you for a certain or particular

skill you have posted on your profile.

If you have a few skills listed or are using all 50 skills LinkedIn allows you,

your connections have to sort through the skills to choose to endorse. They do not have to endorse you, but if they

do should you are sent an email notifying you of the endorsement.

When you are endorsed your connections picture shows up on your profile

page for others to view. You have the option to show or hide the endorsement,

but I don’t know why you would want to hide them, unless there is a conflict of

interest. If you do hide them, it is permanent, LinkedIn doesn’t allow you to

un-hide them yet.

So, choose wisely the skills you want to have endorsed the more endorsements for a certain skill, those will rise to

the top of the list. You also have the choice to move your skills and expertise section around on your profile page

if you are in “edit” mode. Pick as many skills or as few as you want to show on your profile, you know the ones that

everyone knows you for, your “UVP” (unique value position).