Are You Using The Libraries on Your LinkedIn Profile? One of the libraries is

the application you have on your profile. Once you open the application

you are able to view all the books you have read on Whether or not you

have recommended the books or just given a comment.

The next feature with your library is you are able to view all of the books of the people in your

industry. Theses are new items from professionals you are connected to in your industry. Extend your personal

profile by sharing the books you are reading with other LinkedIn members. Find out what you should be reading by

following updates from your connections.

The last item in your library is that you have access to books being read are New Items From All

LinkedIn. See what other LinkedIn members of professional of interest to you are reading.

The other library to use on your LinkedIn profile is a video library using Slidehare.

Yes, I said Slideshare which allows to upload video presentations to your LinkedIn

profile. When you open the application the home page has your presentations, both

written and video will show up.

The second option on SlideShare will let you view all of the written and video presentations of your connections. If

you have a lot of connections this will offer you an extensive library.

The third option on your SlideShare application you will be able to explore all of the presentations and videos of all

LinkedIn users. And if you want you can even upload new to content to your profile. You could be reading for ever.