Have you moved your LinkedIn Profile Sections to where you want them? Most people

don’t know that you can move the different sections of your LinkedIn profile around.

You don’t have to settle for LinkedIn’s default settings. If you feel your

experience is the best part of your profile you can move that section to the

top of your profile.

How, you ask. Well, what you need to do is go to “edit” your profile. Scroll down the page until you come to the

header or section you would like to move. Hover your mouse over the section until you see a four pointed star. Left

click your mouse, hold it down, and drag the section to the area on your profile you would like to place it.

That is step one, now, step two. There are three sections that you can rearrange within the sections of your profile.

1) Current positions – must be at least two positions

2) Your education section – must be at least two schools

3) Your recommendations section – must be at least two recommendations

Same directions as above, hover your mouse over the positions, education, or recommendation until you see a four

pointed star, the position will highlight in light blue, then left click and drag until you are where the position is

needed, then place it.

LinkedIn has made quite a few changes to the profiles, and moving within the positions, education, and

recommendations was one that was added but LinkedIn wants you to discover it, instead of educating everyone about the

new features.

Have fun rearranging.