Have you figured out the new features of the LinkedIn profile page? The look is leaner and cleaner, but still LinkedIn.

When you start select the blue “Improve your profile” there is an edit button with a dropdown. Select the drop down

which gives you four selections 1) “ask for recommendation, 2) create profile in another language, 3) Share, and 4)

export to PDF.

Next select the “contact info” tab on the lower right side of the profile. Up will pop all three of your websites,

your Twitter Id, your email address, and your contact phone number.

The last new feature on the home page is your personal LinkedIn profile URL. Click on the URL and it opens up to

your complete profile URL which includes all of your information. What that is is your headline, your current and

past work experience, your education, your recommendations, your total connections, and your websites.

Its ALL there, just hidden behind the buttons, and you have to know where everything is located.