Are you using LinkedIn Groups to follow the competition?

There are over 1,355,000 groups on LinkedIn to choose from. If you

are in business or sales, groups are one of the best sources for

reconnaissance about your competition.

Check out the profiles of people and companies that you are competing against.

How do you do that. Step one: find out the groups that your target is a member of. Join that group. Wait for group

manager’s approval, then look up the member under the member tab in the group. There are three links under each

members name; 1) the number of followers 2) follow, and 3) members activity.

So select follow. When you follow someone in a group that member is unaware that you are following them. LinkedIn

does not notify the member or update them. All of their updates are posted to your homepage. You will be able to keep

tabs on your competition, find out which groups they are joining, what meetings they are attending, and this way you

stay one step ahead of them.

If you no longer want to keep tabs on them , simply un-follow them in the group. Here is to following the competition

the right way.