Have you changed your LinkedIn password Lately?

With the recent news release that Russian hackers

have hijacked LinkedIn passwords from almost

6,500,000 LinkedIn users. LinkedIn did contact the

affected users, but have you changed yours to avoid

being hacked.

Its easy to change. You start at the top of your profile above the toolbar at your name. Mouse over the drop down

arrow, and your “Settings” will show up in a list select “Settings and your page will show up. Underneath your

picture and your email address is password CHANGE.

A pop up will appear giving you directions of how to

change your password. It will ask for your old pass-

word, and require you to come up with a new password

and confirmation. Then select CHANGE PASSWORD and it

is complete.

Be sure to use capitalization, numbers, and symbols

Oh, and don’t forget to keep it in a safe place for the next time you have to use it.