Are You Using LinkedIn Company Pages for Job Search? If you are in job search

this section of LinkedIn is critical to your connecting. There are two areas that are

a storehouse of useful information regarding the company and its employees.

When you click on the company tab on the toolbar at the top of your LinkedIn

page you can search for companies using either keywords or a specific company

name. What shows up is the company profile.

On the company profile page is the Overview Tab, Careers Tab, and Product &

Services Tab. The overview expands so you can view the entire information for the

company and it also shows what the company specialties are. Below the profile are

listings of your first and second connections at the company and below that the news hires and what position they

are filling at the company. If this a target company you should have three connections at this company. One

connection that is a peer, one connection that is in HR, and one connection that is a manager or at the director

level. On the top right hand side of the company

profile it shows the number of your first connections, second connections and all the employees from that company on


But the most important part of the page is the section “Check out insightful statistics about (XYZ) employees“. Click

on the link and it will take you to a page where you will learn about the employees with new titles, people that

have left the company, where employees worked before coming to this company, and where employees when to work after

this company. These other companies listed could also be potential target companies

for your job search. At the bottom right of this page is a listing of the most

common skills of (XYZ) employees and a listing of the three most recommended

people at the company. You may want to add some of these skills to your profile.

Finally, the second important feature of the company profile if you are in job search is the “careers’”tab. Click on

the link and it will take you to the careers page. At the top section “why you should work for or reasons you may

want to work for (XYZ) company”.

Then a listing of positions at the company. Some companies have a “why we Love it here” and benefits listing that

the company provides. And one more feature of some company pages is a “reach out to the recruiting team”, which

makes it easy to contact or connect with someone at the company.

Here is to a successful job search with companies.