LinkedIn’s SIGNAL, Are You Using IT? Signal can be used for job searches,

sales searches, and customer searches. Signal is a compilation of all updates

from all of your connections on LinkedIn. It includes updates from LinkedIn

AND tweets shared from only your connections, but not from Twitter. Signal

now has 10 filters that enable you to filter down to an update posted within

the last minute. But the more popular filters are at the top: 1) Network,

2) Company, & 3) Location.

So if you have a lot of connections you will have a lot of updates to filter through. If you have only a few

connections, there will be a lot less filtering. Once you have all the filters set to your parameters you can save

the search. You can save up to three searches. If there is a search that is particularly interesting you can share it

with your connections or in one of your groups and if you feel really adventurous you can leverage the other social

network and post it on Twitter.

If you are in job search it is really easy to find job postings. If you search for the word #hiring, #job or #jobs

all of the listing and updates will appear. Next you can filter by area (Chicago Metro) and then by occupation, and

finally narrow it down to your connections 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. So have fun searching using the updated SIGNAL.