LinkedIn____ _____ has indicated you are a Friend
我希望将您添加到我在 LinkedIn 上的职业关系网中。


View invitation from ____ _____

I received this invitation to connect just recently. This is one of my pet peeves when using

LinkedIn. It is a SOCIAL NETWORKING platform, why would someone use a generic

DEFAULT setting for an invitation to connect? No, I’m not their friend, and even if I was, they

would have surely added a personal note to the request so I would know who they were.

I know some people are new to LinkedIn and don’t always know the proper etiquette for

communicating on the different social medias. Why do they list the request as if they were a

friend, why not choose “other”? But that would require an email address. if they truly are a

friend they would already have my email address.

I do a lot of networking and I may meet 25 – 30 people at an event. Please, please tell me

where we met or what the event was. AND, without a picture on your profile I definitely won’t

know who you are. I did a recent presentation in Chicago and was amazed at all of the

requests for a connection, but no mention of why we should connect, just a generic default

request from LinkedIn.

Come on PEOPLE, let’s put the social back into social media!!