Have you joined 45 or more LinkedIn groups? Yes, I know you will receive 45 or more emails,

BUT, with that many groups you will be able to market yourself in front of 10,000’s or millions

of LinkedIn connections depending upon the size of the groups you are in. The benefit for you

being in those groups is you will be able to message members of the group without being

connected to them. The groups will enable you ask people to connect because you are mutually connected through the group.

You will also be able to follow those that don’t or won’t connect with you.

There are over 1,250,000 groups on LinkedIn. Which ones do you choose? Do you choose the specialty groups that are the mainstay

of your job? Or, do you choose groups that your customers or target companies are in? Are you in to sports, collecting, or writing

books, well you have your choice.

You can even start your own group. The advantage of your own group is the access to

emails of the group members. If you want to send a message to all the members it

gives you an opportunity to showcase your knowledge and expertise. But the

I think the best part of groups is that you can showcase your profile to a vast

variety of connections on LinkedIn. And the reason only 45 groups. That is so if there is a connection you want to follow or send a

message this will allow you to join a group they are in.

Enjoy all of your groups.